Journal Policies


The editorial board will review article/research paper and the approved/recommended articles/ research papers will be sent to the reviewers/ referees for critical review of the paper.
All the papers will be sent to the referees for their suggestions and modifications. The corresponding author will be intimated for the same if any.
The views expressed in the articles/research papers are the views of author/authors. It is not essential for editorial board members to be in agreement or disagreement. The sole responsibilities of the views expressed in article/paper are of the author/authors.

All decisions regarding members of Advisory board, Editorial board, Review board, Referee will rest with Editor.

Open Access Publication

e-IJEAS permits open access to the published Articles, Research Papers and Review Articles in the journals published in this website, for non-commercial use, without the need to obtain permission from the publisher.

For use of any published materials for commercial purposes, please send a request the journal publishers via the ‘Contact Us’ form available on this website.

Article Submission, Processing / Publication Fee

In any of its volumes, e-IJEAS does not charge any fee from the author for Submission, Processing / Publication of material.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Papers submitted to e-IJEAS for publication should be original and unpublished. Plagiarism is the silent use of the work of others without the permission from original authors. Articles submitted to e-IJEAS need to have a plagiarism level below 20%.

Copying and pasting from the Internet sources, renaming another person’s work as yours, using another person’s identity etc. are deemed as examples of Plagiarism.